TraReconcile : Electronic transactions and settlements reconciliation solution

What is TraReconcile ?

TraReconcile is a reconciliation platform for electronic payment transactions that ensures unitary matching of transactions carried out on the various acquisition channels (ATMs, POSs, Internet and Mobile) by the cards and/or the merchants and provides the reconciliation of settlements exchanged with the other payment actors (local banks, national / regional switch and payment schemes, …).


Who may use TraReconcile ?

TraReconcile addresses the matching and reconciliation needs of any institution that processes electronic payment transactions:

  • – Issuer
  • – Acquirer
  • – National or regional switch
  • – Payment scheme
  • – Processor


Main functions of TraReconcile

Integrating all transactions and settlement data flows, TraReconcile provides the following major functions:

  • – Integration and Consolidation of transaction and settlement data into a centralized database.
  • – Unit transaction matching to trace the routes and validate the status of each transaction.
  • – Reconciliations of the settlement data exchanged with the various partners and explanation of discrepancies.
  • – Presentation and exploitation of results.


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