TraProtect : Fraud real-time prevention and detection platform

What is TraProtect ?

TraProtect of TraInvestment is an integrated, multichannel, multi-activity and multilevel platform for fraud real-time prevention and detection based on payment transactions data scoring and analyzing.

TraProtect Global View


Who can use TraProtect ?

TraProtect can be used by any institution processing electronic payment transactions including:

  • – Merchants
  • – Acquirers
  • – Payment schemes
  • – Issuers
  • – Processing centers
TraProtectin in Network


TraProtect main functions

TraProtect provides to financial institutions three levels of data and behaviors analysis:

  • – Business blocking rules that reject authorization requests in real-time.
  • – Scoring rules evaluating, in real-time, risk levels for authorizations requesting by detecting suspect behaviors and fraud patterns.
  • – Investigation system near real-time to go deeper in data analysis and consolidating indicators to detect, as soon as possible, any suspect behavior.


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