TraJournal : ATMs electronic journals archiving, management and exploitation solution

Electronic journals produced by ATM applications are a critical source of information for acquirers especially used to:

  • – Prove the success or the fail of a disputed transaction
  • – Manage retract events
  • – Investigate suspicious transactions


What is TraJournal ?

TraJournal is an ATM Journal management solution allowing retrieving files from terminals and archiving them. In addition to presenting those journals for consultation and research engines, TraJournal process the files and extract transactions with all available details to help detecting and investigating (retracts, suspect transactions, retained cards, …).


Who can use TraJournal ?

TraJournal is designated for acquiring institutions managing ATM networks (may be multivendor) for instance:

  • – Acquirer
  • – Processing center


Main functions of TraJournal

Mai functions of TraJournal are :

  • – Recovery and archiving of electronic journals from the ATM network
  • – Processing the files and building a transaction database with all available details
  • – Journals and extracted data exploitation
  • – Analysis of ATMs activity
TraJournal Functions

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