Web applications development

Model Driven Architecture

TraInvestment has built a software development platform called “WGCWeb Ghost Coder” based on Java JEE Web application generator. The generated  WEB applications are using Spring-Framework for back-end and Angular for front-end.

Based on Model-Driven-Architecture, the WGC platform required significant R&D efforts that we still support for its maintenance and evolutions.

Most of the code is generated

Our Ghost Coder generates More than 90% of the code of the developed WEB application from models. Allowing the team to focus more on business requirements rather than technology. The WGC generates an “almost finished” code based on Spring-4 for the server side and Angular-6+ and HTML-5 for front-end side. Our software development teams complete then the application by:

  • – Implementing business services at back-end components.
  • – Adapting generated HTML screens to the client requirements in front-end side.

Profits & Integrated functions

The saving in time and the gain in quality are significant as most of the code components are generated. The WGC enforces the adoption of the best practices which leads to  less error-prone code. WGC generates also some standards processing allowing applications to integrate by default some transversals key functions including  :

  • Maker/Checker
  • Audit Trail
  • Input validators
  • Internationalization

Support & process

In addition to the development platform, TraInvestment provides its clients with:

  • – Experienced and mixed teams (experienced project managers and specialized junior developers).
  • – A mature agile development process (specifications, design, developments, unit tests, functional tests, packaging and delivery) applied by release, version and iteration.
  • – An integrated collaborative platform (code versioning, content per delivery, change requests and bugs, project management, document sharing).
  • – Experienced document writers (User, administration and installation manuals).

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